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Team Members

Invite team members to help you manage your works

Every Valise account is part of a team, even if it’s a team of one.

If you work with other people, you can invite them to help you manage your works. Commonly, this is helpful for inviting an assistant or gallery representative who can help you keep your data up-to-date.

Valise syncs changes between devices and team members while you’re online. You should be able to see team members’ updates instantly. If you’re offline, changes will be synced when you’re back online.



You can give team members different levels of access to your works. There are three roles:

  • Owner. The owner has full control of the account. They can add, edit, and delete works. They can also edit team settings, like the team name, or invite and remove team members.
  • Editor. An editor can add, edit, and delete works. They cannot edit team settings or invite/remove team members.
  • Viewer. A viewer can only view works. They cannot add, edit, or delete works or change settings.

Inviting a Team Member

To invite a team member, open the Member settings for your team. Then, press the Invite button.

Accepting an Invitation

When you invite a team member, they will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation. Once they accept the invitation, they will be able to access your works.

Revoke a Team Member’s Access

To revoke a team member’s access, you can “suspend” their account. This prevents them from accessing your Valise.

To suspend a team member’s access, open the Member settings. Then, press the Suspend… button next to the team member you want to remove.

If you later decide to restore their access, you can press the “Show (number) suspended members” button at the bottom of the Member settings. Then, press the Restore button next to the team member you want to restore. This will immediately restore their access, but will not notify them via email.

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