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Track who is responsible for your artworks

Consignments and consignment agreements are used whenever artists loan their artworks to galleries or exhibitions for sale or display.

Valise helps you keep track of consignments. You can create a consignment within Valise and specify the artworks, consignee, start date, and end date.

A few ways that Valise is helpful for consignments:

  • When creating a consignment, Valise will warn you if any of the consignment dates for a given artwork overlap with an existing consignment
  • You can upload any documents you’d like to keep track of, such as a consignment agreement
  • When you record the sale of an artwork in Valise, you can see which artworks from a consignment have sold in a single view
  • On our roadmap: we’ll send you email notifications when a consignment is about to expire. This helpfully alerts you that it’s time to decide whether to extend the consignment or coordinate the return of the artworks
  • On our roadmap: Filter all of your consignments on your consignment page

If there’s more we can do to help make Valise’s consignments feature useful for you, please let us know.

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