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Adding Artworks

Tips and tricks for tracking your works in Valise

Artworks are the core of Valise.

Every artwork has a title and a unique ID, but all other fields are optional. These minimal requirements mean you can quickly add an artwork to your inventory and fill in the details later.


Valise lets you capture and manage different kinds of metadata about your artworks.

  • Title: The title of the artwork
  • Medium: The medium of the artwork, such as “Oil on canvas”.
  • Artwork ID: A unique identifier for artworks. Valise will automatically generate an ID for you, but you can also enter your own
  • Year: The year the artwork was created. Usually a single year (2019), or a range (2019-20), but you can enter any text needed
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the artwork, such as “24 × 36 in. (60.1 × 92.4 cm)”
  • Status: Whether the artwork is available, consigned, sold, or other common states. Valise will automatically edit this when appropriate. For example, when you consign an artwork, Valise will transition the status to consigned on the start date of that consignment
  • Location: Where the artwork is currently located. You can enter any text you want, but Valise will also suggest locations you’ve used before
  • Notes: Any free-form notes you want to add about the artwork

Have extra information you’d like to capture? Let us know—we want to hear your feedback.

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