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Exporting Data

Back up your data or take it with you

Valise is built on the belief that artists should have autonomy and ownership over their artwork data and not be at the whims of galleries, outdated systems, or third-party vendors. And that includes Valise itself.

Requesting an export

From the the settings view of your account, go to the Import / Export page. From here, you can press Export Data to request an export. Within a few minutes, we’ll send you an email with a link to download your data.

Export links expire after 48 hours, so be sure to download your data promptly.

What’s in an export?

Exports of your data will give you a .zip archive of your data, including:

  • All your artwork data, in CSV format (opens in Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, etc.)
  • All your consignment data, in CSV format
  • All your sale data, in CSV format

We’re working on extending this archive to include all the images and files you’ve uploaded to Valise, so you can have a complete backup of your data.

If you have thoughts or opinions on how exports can be more useful, please get in touch.

Have more questions?

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