The latest updates about Valise.

As of today, Valise now supports editioned artworks:

  • Artworks can be configured as editioned, up to 100 editions, with the ability to specify the number of Artist Proofs (APs).
  • Editions have their own location and status fields.
  • When recording sales or consignments, you can specify the individual edition being sold or consigned.
  • Learn more in our help article.

Additionally, we’ve added the ability to export your data from Valise:

  • Exports include all your artwork, consignment, and sale data in CSV format.
  • We’re working on extending this archive to include all the images and files you’ve uploaded to Valise, so you can have a complete backup of your data.
  • Try it out today from your account settings.

The past little while has brought a number of smaller improvements and fixes while we work on the next big features:

  • Added a new Profile Settings page for editing your own user account settings apart from your team settings.
  • Added support for zooming into uploaded images on artwork pages. Tap on an image to see it in high resolution and tap again to close.
  • Search now returns 20 results instead of the previous 10 results.
  • Fixed issue where search results were matching unrelated words.
  • Fixed an issue where edits made to collections were not being synced properly, and might have shown outdated information on artwork pages.
  • Fixed artwork sorting ambiguity: previously when “title” or “year” was selected, duplicate titles or years would sort in an arbitrary order. Now, they will fall back to sorting by ID.

You are now able to keep track of expenses for an individual artwork in Valise.

This is useful to keep track of framing, shipping, and production costs that arise during the production of an artwork. In some gallery relationships, you’ll be reimbursed for these expenses. And even if you’re not, having a record of expenses can be useful to negotiate better rates with vendors, and to understand the true cost of producing your work.

Read more in our artwork expenses guide.

You can now edit the display of your collections, toggling between a grid or list view.

And you can now reorder your collections by dragging and dropping them into the order you want. This can be helpful when preparing for a show or refining the private preview you’re sending to galleries or collectors.

Large file uploads will now show a progress bar to give you a sense of when the upload will complete.

Collections can now be privately shared with a secret link. You can also set a link expiry date to automatically disable the link after a certain day.

When recording a sale, you can now record prices for each individual artwork. We’ll calculate the total price for the sale, and any discount percentages if applicable. After creation, you can see this info later on the sale’s page.

Valise will now auto-generate unique IDs for artworks. You can customize the prefix and numbers behind these IDs at any time. Then, next time you add an artwork, Valise will automatically generate the next ID in the sequence.

Read more in our Artwork ID docs.

Added support for tracking basic sale information. You can now record a sale for multiple artworks, and track the sale price, date, and buyer information.

You can now filter artworks on the artworks page by title, year, status, and location.

Development of Valise begins.