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Artwork Expenses

Track costs for reimbursement or historical records

Valise encourages you to keep track of not only your artworks, but the information and expenses related to creating them. There are a few reasons this might be useful:

  • When your gallery reimburses your production costs. You’ll be required to provide receipts for these costs, and Valise is a natural place to store them alongside other artwork data.
  • When you want historical records of artwork expenses. Having historical data can help you make better decisions about future work, negotiate discounts with vendors you regularly partner with, and more.

Tracking production costs in Valise is still in its early stages. We’re working on making it more useful. Please get in touch with us if you have feedback or suggestions.

Adding expenses

From an artwork page, locate the “Production Costs” section. From there, you’ll see an “Add Expense” button. Clicking this will open a form where you can enter the details of your expense.

You can currently collect:

  • Amount and Currency. The total cost of the expense and the currency it was paid in
  • Date. The date the expense was incurred.
  • Notes. A free-form text field that you can use to record additional details about the expense. Most commonly, this will be used to describe the expense.
  • Uploads. You can upload receipts or other documentation for the expense.

Once you’ve added an expense, you’ll see it listed in the “Production Costs” section. You can add as many expenses as you like, and you’ll see a running total underneath the list.

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