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Group your artworks, prepare for shows, or send private previews to partners

Collections are custom groupings of artworks in Valise. You can use collections in different ways:

  • Prepare for a show by seeing different artworks together
  • Share a selection of works with a gallery, press member, vendor, curator, or collector
  • Gather a series of related works
  • Gather multiple versions of the same artwork

Collections are great for organizing your artworks in ways that are meaningful to you.

If you want to temporarily see a list of artworks that meet certain criteria, consider using the filters available on the artworks page.

Creating a collection

Create a collection by going to the collections page and pressing the Create collection button. You can also create a collection from the artworks page by selecting several artworks and choosing “New collection” from the action menu that pops up at the bottom of your window.

By default, new collections are untitled. You can change the title by clicking or tapping the title text.

Reordering artworks

Within a collection, you can set a custom order for artworks. For example, you can presenting artworks in a specific sequence to mimic a book layout, or to replicate the order people will see artworks as they walk around a room.

To reorder artworks:

  • On desktop, hover your cursor over the image. You’ll see a “handle” icon that you can click and drag to move the image to its new order.
  • On mobile, tap the image. You’ll see a “handle” icon that you can tap and drag to move the image to its new order.

When sharing a collection, the order you set will be preserved.

Sharing a collection

Valise lets you create private sharing links for collections. This can help when communicating with galleries, collectors, or other partners.

To create a sharing link, go to the collection page and press the Share button. You can then copy the link and send it to your partner.

By default, share links expire after 30 days. If you’d like to prevent a link from expiring, you can change the Expiry field to None.

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